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How to create a automation (device interaction)

System provide customized automation rules which user can define the interaction between devices, for example, you can command a "specific light" turn on once a "Access Control" is triggered.

Automation rules allow you define different rules in different modes.

Automation support different abilities if your device have multiple abilities such as a Door/Windows contact sensor can detect open/close and sense room temperature.

1. Curse in the left hand side to the mode that you want to create device automation, here we select "Home mode".

2. Click "+ Add" to add a new automation.

3. Under the label "When", it lists all existing devices in different rooms. Pick up one device as trigger device if you expect when the device detect something, it can take some actions.

4. Select "CO alarm sensor as example, it will display all ability that this smoke sensor support, ex: 1) Detect Burglar and 2) Detect CO. Here we try to select "Detect CO" as example.

5. Under the label "Do", continue to select the action device(s) that you expect it will take action when the CO alarm sensor detected. Here we have a Siren and a Camera in the same Kitchen. We select the Siren first, which also list the ability the Siren support.

6. Select Next then you have created a new automation successfully as below.

7. You may "Save" to leave or click "+Do more" to add more actions or click "Edit automation".

8. Click "+Do more", then you can select a "Camera" device installed in Kitchen, and command the camera to take a snapshot when the CO beside the Siren making the sound.

9. Click "Edit automation", then you can remove existing actions or adjust the action ex turn on or turn off.

 10. Now you have a new automation rule list in Home mode.

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